Here are list of slides that I used for presentations.

Invited Talks

Janelia Symposium 2020
Imitation_learning_to_understand_behaviour [Presentation]

University of Guelph 2019
Fly Behaviour Modeling

Toronto Blockchain Week | Crypto Market Analysis & Insights 2019
Crypto Market Analysis, Crypto Analysis Tools & Data

BlockShow Americas 2018
AI Revolution: the Prediction Machine for the Crypto Market

BorealisAI 2017
AIFounded Search Engine & AI

OpenAI, ElementAI, BorealisAI, York University 2017
Exploring Deep Neural Network Loss Surfaces

Janelia Workshop on Machine Learning and Computer Vision 2016
Semi-Supervised Deep Recurrent Attention Writer

European Conference of Machine Learning 2015
An Empirical Investigation of Minimum Probability Flow Learning under Different Connection
Scoring and Classifying with Gated Auto-encoders

Q & A Session Panel Interview on Machine Learning at University of Toronto Rotmat second year MBA class, Feb. 4 & 11 2015

Talk Analyzing the Dynamics of Gated Auto-encoders at Guelph Machine Learning Group Meeting, Dec. 2 2014 [PDF]

Guest Lecture on Clustering & EM algorithm for Introduction to Machine Learning, Oct. 31 2013 & Nov. 11 2014 [PDF]


Tutorial Notes for the students who are in engineering machinics, ENGG1210, Jan. 1 ~ April 16 2015 [PDF]